About us

Unicorn Capital Partners is the management company for PharmMedInnovations venture Fund. The size of the fund is RUB 4.5B, committed by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade within the agreement with the Russian Venture Company (RVC).

We invest in startups developing:
(i) New drugs, including small molecules, biological and cellular products, gene therapy, and their delivery vehicles;
(ii) Medical devices, including diagnostic devices;
(iii) Software for medical use, including AI approaches.

We are interested in all areas of medicine. The preference is given to projects in medium or early stage of development; however, projects at any stage of development can be accepted, from seed to late-stage. Size of investment is individual and depends on the funds required to achieve the nearest value inflection point, but in no case more than 10% of the Fund can be committed to one project. Target companies should be private legal entities, preferably in Russian jurisdiction. We are open to investing in foreign companies, provided that at least 70% of our investment will be spent in Russia.
If your product:
• aims to address unmet medical needs,
• needs authorization for use by a medical regulatory authority,
• has the global market potential,
• has a rigorous scientific basis and potential advantage in efficacy/safety versus the competition on the market and in development,
• complies with the principles of evidence-based medicine,
• has protected intellectual property or a reasonable plan to obtain such protection, we will be glad to meet you and discuss the possibility of our cooperation.

To start the assessment process, please send us a non-confidential presentation (ppt or pdf) about your project/company, containing:
• Description of the problem it is solving,
• Presentation of the core team;
• Scientific and technological novelty;
• Results of the conducted research;
• Advantage over existing approaches;
• Development plan, need for financing;
• Plan for the protection of;
• Your contacts

Please send the slides to info@unicpartners.com.
We will contact you soon!