Unicorn Capital Partners

31 May 2023 г.   •   < 1 min

Pitch session of medtech startups took place at Startup Village-2023

The pitch session of the acceleration program “Innovation Laboratory MedLab,” which was organized with the support of IT companies and Sechenov University, was held on May 24 at the Startup Village-2023 conference in Skolkovo. During the pitch session, medicine projects including those based on artificial intelligence technologies were presented. The event traditionally attracted the attention […]

Unicorn Capital Partners

12 May 2023 г.   •   < 1 min

Unicorn at Mobi-ChemPharma-2023

Natalia Mushenkova, a senior analyst of “Unicorn Capital Partners”, took part in VIII Interdisciplinary Conference “Molecular and Biological Aspects of Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology”. The conference took place in Saint-Petersburg on April 24-27, 2023. There presented topics included medicinal chemistry, innovative oncological preparations and “next in class” analogs, preclinical trials of preparations and radioactive preparations, novel […]

Unicorn Capital Partners

4 May 2023 г.   •   < 1 min

Era of IP” (Rospatent/FIPS)

Alexey Vinogradov, the managing partner of Unicorn Capital Partners, the management company of the venture fund “PharmMed Innovations,” participated as a speaker in the session dedicated to the presentation of the new Rospatent competition “From Idea to Market Product” in the conference “Era of IP” (Rospatent/FIPS). The competition purposes for supporting talented inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups developing […]

Unicorn Capital Partners

1 Feb 2022 г.   •   4 min

Unicorn Capital Partners, RDIF and AstraZeneca invest in Target Medicals, developing aldosterone synthase inhibitor for the treatment of resistant arterial hypertension

February 1, 2022, Moscow. Unicorn Capital Partners, a biotech-specialized VC fund, based in Moscow, Russia, together with AstraZeneca and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) as co-investors, have entered into an investment agreement with Target Medicals,. The financing size is not disclosed, but it should get the company to completion of preclinical proof-of-concept studies, with a purpose to nominate a drug candidate for further clinical trials.