Petr Denisov

Petr Denisov

Managing Partner

Managing Partner at Unicorn Capital Partners since December 2019 Prior to joining Unicorn Capital hold a position of the head of expertise at Pharmstandard Ventures (2017 – 2019). Before that had serves as a senior analyst at InBio Ventures (2014 – 2017).

As a part of regular dutis, was a member of Board of Directors at Transmedics Inc. (NASDAQ:TMDX, Boston, USA), and was a Board Observer at EnGene (Montreal, Canada).

Before joining the VC society Petr had been working at the inernational CRO WorldWide Clinical Trials as an Associate Director (2006 – 2013), and then was a Business and Marketing Director at the Russian CRO Synergy Research Group.

Graduated as MD from Saint-Petersburg First Medical University, (1996), and PhD from the Institute of Experimental Medicine, (1999)

The most recognizable syndicate partners: Forbion, JJDC, Lumira Ventures, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Abrams Capital, Flagship Pioneering.